Saturday, September 1, 2012

Government debt

"Government debt is every politician's dream: it gives him or her the ability to buy votes by spending on government programs ( with funds raised through borrowing) that will make him or her popular now, while putting the lion's share of the cost on future taxpayers who must pay off the debt through taxes. It is the ultimate political something for nothing scheme." "Consequently, the taxpayers are duped in to acquiescing into a bigger government than they would if they had a clearer picture of the true costs of government. The chickens eventually come home to roost" (quoted from Hamilton's Curse by Joseph DiLorenzo) At the time of writing this the debt for every single man woman and child in Britain stands at more than £40000 per person each. That's how much tax the government has to raise just to service current government debt, and it gets worse every year, Whilst Labour were in Power they borrowed 234 billion pounds, such that the debt they created will have to be paid off by our grandchildren. I understand at the moment in Corby that people are thinking ( according to the polls) about voting Labour in. Have you forgotten what Labour did to this country over 13 years already? Truly I am amazed at your forgiveness to the party that borrowed so much money and made life so difficult for you and raised taxes.

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