Saturday, September 22, 2012

Finally the BBC get their act together. This was the full text from which it has been culled and edited: I'm standing for the Young people's Party in Corby Why I'm standing is because people are fed up with politicians, in fact we're all fed up with them because they promise so much and deliver so little. That includes, UKIP, Tory, Labour, Lib-Dem, BNP,and the Greens. I stood before as an Independent in Hornsey and Wood Green in the General Election. I promise to deliver. The Party was set up by Mark Wadsworth ( formerly of UKIP) and is based on sound economic principles and the best part of all is that we can cut taxes, keep spending at relatively good levels and maintain services and yet boost the economy by getting rid of income tax, and VAT. Of course this would involve leaving the EU, but that is only one of our policies. Our full manifesto can be found here. You may think that this is impossible but its been costed out several times by Mark who is an accountant and tax adviser. Now of course those are national issues, local issues which I would be supporting when elected, if elected would be the establishment of a nightclub and other nightlife activities in Corby, because there are none and the young people there have to travel to either Northampton or Kettering for a night out, which they rightly complain about. We are of course against Wind Farms because they generally do not generate enough electricity to make them economically viable, we would end their subsidies and this would stop landowners putting them on their land because there would be no financial incentive to do so. There is discontent in the general populace about the general influx of Eastern Europeans, who are prepared to work for less wages than the local population. How I would sort this out is a little bit more complicated but I would try my best. The other local issue is the level of NHS service in the Corby area, At present everyone has to go to Kettering General, which is under severe budget cuts, and the service there is not so much creaking under the strain but barely functioning, which is a major problem. The other nearest hospital is Peterborough which is 15 plus miles away. Its obvious that the Corby and East Northants area needs another hospital/health with 24 hour A&E services. I used to work at Kettering General and it was creaking back then in 2003-4 How it is now, is even worse no doubt. We feel that we are better than the single issue parties, and the Monster Raving Loonies as we have a full properly costed out manifesto based on common sense and proper accountancy, something which the current government seems to ignore with its wild spending sprees which waste money. We deplore deficit spending and aim to repay the National Debt within 10 years of being elected as the majority party. I would of course set up residence in the constituency and give someone from there a job, as my secretary and PA.

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