Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Of Lies and Political Campaigns

I was on TV today, Both on the News BBC channel live and also pre recorded by BBC Look East two weeks ago but only released today. I met most of the other candidates today, including the Elvis love Pets party candidate David Bishop who was dressed in a green and orange Hawaiian shirt even though there were grey skies and rain falling in Corby today. On speaking to the English Democrat candidate David Wickham I was upset to learn that the big four candidates ( Lab, Lib Ukip and Cons) had had an hour on the radio in a debate on air. What happened to representative democracy? being frozen out of media coverage is shocking. I also found out today that Andrew Sawford is using his parents address to campaign from as a " local candidate " Having said that he is the son of an MP, already receives a large salary for a Labour thinktank and doesnt really appeal because he was against ringfencing funds for hospitals back in 2009. He is quite the changeling... I found this website by the Tories Corby deserves better. Well it certainly does and whilst I know that the Conservatives have given a poisoned chalice to poor Chris Emmett, it deserves a decent MP who isnt going to lie. The main four all lie to some extent, but we the smaller parties have no business by lying to the public. On November 15th vote with your conscience, read the leaflets, read the manifestos and weigh up the cost of voting for the main four ( a wasted vote for people who dont really care about you) We are the only party committed to cutting taxes, In any other world the media would be falling over itself to inquire how but not in the rare atmosphere of a by election where the " malfunctioning cyborg" of a candidate is likely to win

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Robin Smith said...

I was appalled by the press in Croydon too.

I challenged them on it. They looked at me. Went WTF are you. And ignored me.

The issue is that most journo's today are trying to get a job working for the 1%.

They do all this under a veil of transparency.

By telling the truth, you have nothing to offer.