Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Corby By-Election

Since Louise Bagshawe ( she of chick-lit fame) also known as Louise Mensch is leaving the country to join her Husband Mr Mensch in New York this has triggered a by-election in Corby. It is a marginal seat, and Louise had a 1951 vote majority in the 2010 election. There are several contenders, the Tories have yet to decide who is fielding the election for them but a number of sources are mentioning Andrew Strauss. The Labour candidate is already chosen as is the Monster raving Loony party, along with UKIP who are fielding Margot. Why am I standing? Whats my connection to Northamptonshire? I used to be a junior doctor in Kettering, in the field of Psychiatry, and I would often visit Corby for interest. The Scottish accent was more familiar to me as I studied Medicine in Scotland. At that time it did not have a railway station. I have always enjoyed my time in Northamptonshire and loved the rambling countryside along with the Eleanor Cross at Geddington which is not far from Corby. I am happy to stand for the Young Peoples Party and to perhaps look after the Corby constituency for the residents. Dr Rohen Kapur

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